Astrid Smeplass (Astrid S) is an official supporter of the UEFA campaign Together #WePlayStrong. So far, she has become very inspired and she remembers how important the football was for herself.

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«It has been very fun so far. It has been very cool to see how many girls that are so insanely good in football. I have met many people of all ages who just love football and are deadly good, so it has been very inspiring,» Astrid S says to when we meet her at Ullevaal just before the Euros started.

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«Very cool»

She was present when the Norwegian footballers kicked off their preamp before the Euros in the Netherlands. There she attended a small ceremony before she had an intimate concert for the Norwegian girls. In addition, she has also had the opportunity to go to the Champions League final, which took place in Cardiff in June. There she met Ada (Stolsmo Hegerberg), and got to see Hegerberg and Andrea Norheim win the Champions League with Lyon.

«It is very cool. Insanely nice to invite and include me. I had never expected it, so it was very, very nicely done. It was cool to be allowed to come here.»

Astrid S has played football for a long time herself. She also played for Orkla / Skaun, and she also went to the football course at Orkdal High School, but it was before the artist career took over. The artist career hit her for full in Norway during the Idol in 2013, but she has now also gained a big name internationally.

(The article continues under the picture)

Official Supporter

Now she is back in football, but this time as an official UEFA-supporter for the Together #WePlayStrong campaign. There she is an official supporter alongside a number of other big footballers. Alex Morgan, Véronica Boquete, Camille Abily and Laura Georges are all official supporters of the campaign, that aim to strengthen women’s football and has the focus on girls participation. Surveys show that the dropout rate is high among girls between the ages of 13 and 15 years.

«Yes, the surveys show that there are extremely many girls between 13 and 15 years ending.»

And Astrid S remembers how important the football was for her.

«I remember how important it was to have girls to look up to when I was little. I remember a movie where the main role played football. These are the little things that make girls realize that it is cool, that you are included and that you should take part and play football for a long time. It is very fun, so it is good with role models and people who fronts it,» Astrid S says.

Read more about Together #WePlayStrong on their websites HERE

PS!’s editor in chief, Andreas Kristoffer Berge, is also taking part in the UEFA campaign. He is part of a team that uses social media to spread the message.

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