In 2011 Julia Simic (27) got an ACL injury at her first training with the German national team. Now, five years later, she is finally back at the national team and could get her debut.

For the friendly matches against Austria on Saturday and Netherlands next week Julia Simic can finally get her debut at the German national team.

But to take it back five years. Simic have had some difficult years due to injury after injury.

In 2011 she got an opportunity at the national team, but at a training it went wrong. She got a anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in her left knee and was out from football for 6-7 months. And if that was not enough.

Just after she made her comeback in the Bundesliga, she got a new injury in her left knee. And once again it was an ACL injury, and another half a year away from the football. talked to Simic about the hard period when we visited Germany two years ago.

«It was a really tough time. I needed both friends, family, the doctors and the physios, and they all supported me. At this time you also learn a lot about yourself. I learned a lot about my body and I had to work a lot with my head as well. It was not easy and it was a really long, long time, so now it is so fun to finally play again.» Simic said.

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When we talked to her, she played alongside Maren Mjelde and Ada Stolsmo Hegerberg in Turbine Potsdam. Now they play different places, but Simic still have Norwegian team mates. She now played for Wolfsburg together with Caroline Graham Hansen and Synne Sofie Kinden Jensen (on loan to Stabæk).

We wish Simic and Germany good luck!

The game against Austria will also be Germany’s new head coach, Steffi Jones, first home game in charge of the national team.


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