After struggling in training, the Austrian jumper, Chiara Hölzl, ended in eight in Holmenkollen. That is her best result from Oslo.

Her debut actually came in Norway and Lillehammer back in November 2012 as a 15 year old jumper. In her debut season she got to jump five times, with her best placement as 26th place in Trondheim.

The year after she jumped 15 times with her best result to be 12th place in Falun in Sweden. In 2014/15 she jumped in ten of the competitions with her first time on the podium being in Sapporo in Japan last year.

Now she is in her fourth season in the world cup and she has been jumping in all of the ten competitions so far. Thursday she jumped in Holmenkollen for the second time and in Norway for the seventh time.

– The inrun is difficult
After troubling a bit in the training she manage to get her best jumps in the competition. Because in training her jumps was 117 meters, 109,5 meters and 111,5 meters, while she jumped 114,5 meters in the trial run.

After the first jump she was number six with a jump of 125,5 meters, but in the second jump she landed a bit early and landed on 121 meters and she ended in eight place.

– In training my jumps have been very bad, so it was really difficult, she said when met the Austrian jumper.

Especially the inrun in Holmenkollen is something she has been struggling with.

– I love the hill, but for me the inrun is very difficult. The first jump was quite good, but the second was a little bit bad. But with 8th place I am very happy.

(The article continuous after the picture)

Hölzl before Thursdays jumping. Photo: Andreas Kristoffer Berge

– Happy with the season
She is in sixth place in the world cup overall standings with 354 points. That is only five point behind fifth placed Jacqueline Selfriedsberger (Austria).

Sara Takanashi (Japan) is in first with 980 points after winning all except one competition this year. Number two is Austrian Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, while Maja Vtič (Slovenia) is number three. It is a bit far up to the podium for Hölzl, but she is happy with the season so far.

– I’m very happy with the season so far, she says.

She got a place on the podium once this season. In Nizhny Tagil (Russia) she ended in third place. Overall she has been on the podium twice in the World Cup. The first time was in Sapporo in Japan last year, where she also came third.

Next week they will be jumping in Hinzenbach in Austria. That is a hill Hölzl like.

– I like Hinzenbach, so I’m very happy to be there next week, Hölzl says to

More pictures of Hölzl underneath:

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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