The canadian duo, Taylor Pischke and Humana-Paredes, ended in ninth place in Stavanger Major.

– It feels amazing. We have never played that team before, so we did not know what to expect from them. But we played really well and executed our side and we are so exited to play in top 10. We hav not been there this year, so it was a huge win for us, Pischke says to AKB News.

Pischke at the net.

– Hope to improve on this
In the the tournament before Stavanger they ended in 17th place.

– Every week has been getting better and better, so hopefully we can keep proving on that and keep going further in the tournament.

– This Tournament we got at least ninth, so we hope to keep improving on this. We just want to work on getting better at our side and keep on improving tecnicly and everything, and then the results will come, she said after the win over the chineese couple Wang and Yue.

But in the next round they lost to the brazillian team seeded as number one, Agatha and Barbara.

– We have played them a couple of times before and we always have a good match, but they are a really strong team. We played well, but not good enough in that second set.

(The article continues after the picture)

Pischke cheering after winning a point.

Fifth week on the road
They are from Canada and with heaps of tournaments around the world it is a lot of travelling.

– Yeah, it is lot of travelling. This is our fifth week on the road so far, so we have not been home in a while. We got to go home for three days now, to get a couple of days rest before we go on.

Going to watch some World Cup (football/soccer) then?

– Yeah, it is in my hometown (Winnipeg?), so it would be nice to watch some of that too.

And at the end the standard question when teams from another country is in Norway. How do they find it here?

– It is beautiful. This is my first time beeing in Norway and it kind of reminds me about Canada a little bit, with the whole wethear and everything. It was nice beeing here for sure, and I definitely wanna come back next year.


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