Julia Simic, 24, is talking about the hard injury-period, the transfer to Potsdam and the Hallencup-victories.

(All pictures: Andreas Kristoffer Berge. See a small picture gallery at the bottom of the article).

«It was very fun. It was the first time playing Hallencup at home, so it was an adventure for me as well.»

And Turbine went trough the whole tournament without even loosing a single game.

«I think we started very well in the tournament. It was easy to come in and we scored a lot of goals.»

Last years champions, Brøndby, was not suprisely the hardest competition for Turbine also this year. But this time it was Potsdams time to win it. With a total of 5-0 in the final, Potsdam crushed every doubt and won the tournament.

«It was a lot of good teams. Especially Brøndby. I think that they where the hardest to play against, but we managed it quite good.»


Two weeks ago, Turbine also won the DFB Hallencup. That became Simics first tittle with Turbine.

«That was a little bit different, because there we struggled to come into our game. But after we came into our game, we ended the tournament well.»

«Wanted to try something new»
She came to the club last summer (2013) after a lot of years in Bayern Munich.


«When my contract with Bayern ended, they wanted to extend it. But after being there for nine years, I wanted to try something new. Turbine was very interested and it was a honor to me when Bernd Scröder (Manager) came to me and asked me to come.»

«My decision was to change something in my football life and Turbine is also a good team internationally.»

«Something special with the fans here»
And after a strong victory against Lyon in the Champions League, Turbine is still in the fight for the trophy. Now they meet the Italian team, Torres, in the quarter final. The victory against Lyon is one of Simics greatest highlights at Turbine so far.

«That was the biggest highlight in my first six months at Turbine.»

In Potsdam the fans are different to other places. A sold out arena made an incredible atmosphere in the MBS Arena throughout the tournament.

«They are just awesome. We talked about it earlier. It is so many fans watching us. Both at the games and also at trainings. For me it is a great honor. It is something different than in Munich and other women’s football teams. You can not compare it to anything else. I think it is a highlight in Potsdam with this fans.»


ACL injury
But it has not always been easy for the charming 24 year old from Fürth, south in Germany

In 2011 she got an opportunity at the national team, but at a training it went wrong. She got a anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in her left knee and was out from football for 6-7 months. And if that was not enough.

Just after she made her comeback in the Bundesliga, she got a new injury in her left knee. And once again it was an ACL injury, and another half a year out from the football.


After the injury period she came back for full this season, but many feared the worst in the end of November / beginning of December. She had to leave the field in a game against Cloppenburg, and also this time it was her knee stopping her. Everyone feared it was another ACL injury.

Happily. This time it was just a little pressure to her knee and she was back on the field fast after.

To AKB News, she are talking about the hard injury period.

«I was injured for almost two years with an ACL injruy. It was a hard period for me. I think I only played seven minutes in two years, so it was really hard.»

And with such a long time with an injury, it was important with support. Simic continues to talk about the hard period.

«It was a really tough time. I needed both friends, family, the doctors and the physios, and they all supported me. At this time you also learn a lot about yourself. I learned a lot about my body and I had to work a lot with my head as well. It was not easy and it was a really long, long time, so now it is so fun to finally play again.»

«I like playing so much now. I think i love playing football more now, than I did before.»

Back in the gameIMG_0051
And now she is back in the game and she shined now and then under this weekends tournament in Potsdam. The 24 year old tells that she is best at giving assists, but this weekend she also got herself four goals, where one of them was scored in the final.

«It is always a highlight to score, but I am usually the player that gives the assist. But I like to score as well tho, so maybe I should start scoring a bit more often,» the charming girl laughs.

And with Ada Stolsmo Hegerberg playing beside her, she helped with a lot of assist to the Norwegian girl.

«I like them very well (Maren Mjelde and Hegerberg). Also outside the field. I think we are playing well together and it is getting better every game.»

Facts about Simic:

IMG_0207Nickname: Sici
Position: Midfield
Shirt number: 10

Born: 14.05.1989 in Fürth. She have a German mom and a Croatian dad. She also have an older brother.
Zodiac: Taurus
Hight: 162 cm
Nationality: German

Signed for Turbine: 17. April 2013
Lenght on contract: Until 30. June 2015
National Team: Played for U15, U17, U19, U20 og U23. Been at the National A-team, but no games due to injury.
Former clubs: Bayern Munich (2005-2013), SV 1873 Nürnberg Süd (Until 2005)


Bayern Munchen: DFB cup-winner 2012, Bundesligacup-winner 2011, 2. place in Bundesliga 2009
Turbine: DFB Hallenpokal-winner 2014, Internationaler Turbine Hallencup-winner 2014
Germany: European Champions for U19 in 2007, 3. place U20-WC 2008

Twitter: @juliasimic
Home page:

Here is a video of what Simic can do on the field (From her time in Bayern):

And at the end. A picture gallery:

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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